Echos of the Trembling Earth

April 12, 2017



It is said that the Suwanee River's name originated from the Creek Tribe meaning "Echo". As one travels across its dark tannic waters, siren calls of crystal spring water bubbling up from beneath the ground  are heard enticing you to swim in the cold clear waters. The Suwanee's serpentine body begins near the Florida/Georgia state line in a swamp called Okefenokee. This wetland wilderness means "Trembling Earth" in Native American, as floating islands scatter the flooded landscape. 

Waterways such as the Suwanee River which provides a passageways from the South's Center to the Gulf of Mexico, is a rich resource to preserve.



Not only is this a center of importance for ecological biodiversity and environmental health, it also has a significant historical importance from centuries of Native American use, to helping slaves pursue their freedom through the Underground Railroad. Currently, these natural places allow humans to find peace and reconnect to a more primal and natural space.




My artistic focus has been how these spaces form positive impacts in individuals, creating mindfulness and love for the outdoors. If we want to solve many of our current environmental issues, we must reconnect ourselves to the environment. When we explore, we form bonds. Through these connections, stewardship arises which then creates

a collective of people who will care and continue to spread awareness for making choices to keep Florida wild.


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